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Garaga_logo Garaga

Garaga, garage door, Inc. is an international garage door manufacturer and distributor of automatic garage door openers. Worldly renown in the residential, industrial and commercial markets for the quality of its products, Garaga relies on a network of certified garage door installers, who have the expertise to fulfill all your requirements.

C.H.I_logo C.H.I

The garage door is the biggest door on your house, and it gets a lot of use - often more than any other door. It needs to be tough, dependable, and long-lasting. It must be able to stand up to the elements year in and year out. C.H.I. doors are built to meet these needs, and because you also care about how it looks, we offer a number of attractive options so you can select the one that best matches the personality of your home.

Genie Pro_logo Genie Pro
Genie Pro

Overhead Door Corporation pioneered the upward-acting door industry, inventing the first upward-acting door in 1921 and the first electric door opener in 1926. Today, we continue to be the industry leader through the strength of our product innovation, superior craftsmanship and outstanding customer support, underscoring a legacy of quality, expertise and integrity.

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