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A garage door can either add to the appearance of your home or take away from it. That is why at B&H we stock all different styles. We have come along way from plain aluminum and vinyl garage doors. That is why we can say that if you don't see it we will have it made for you.


We represent and distribute many of the largest manufacturers of garage doors. Wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel... Looking for a special color? We have it. Interested in kid proof doors? We stock them. Have a door that is not a normal size? We stock hard to find sizes. We service all brands makes and models.
If you are looking for a special door to enhance your home, contact the B&H team about their state of the art custome wood carriage style doors. B&H custome build wood carriage style doors to meet any need or desire.
If you should ever need emergency service. The B&H team is ready to take your call 24 hours a day.


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