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"We want to thank you for your prompt reply to get our garage door opened so we could get our car out on Sunday. Also for your great service in repairing the door so quickly today."

- Mary D.

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"My Name is Vincent G****. Today I found your company out of the phone book, and wanted to say what a great job Javier did on fixing my garage door. I don\'t know if I could have gotten it done cheaper but the fact that he was here within 1 hour of calling and he knew just what to do to solve the problem was terrific and greatly appreciated. He was a pleasure to deal with he worked fast and made sure EVERYTHING was working the way he thought it should. Thank you for the service"

- Vincent G.

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"This letter is to thank you for the wonderful job your company has done with my new Garage doors. I'd also like to extend my appreciation for the fast and reliable service your company has provided me with. It has truly been by far one of my most pleasant business transactions. Also, your technicians are the most thorough and pleasant that I have ever come into contact with.

Thank you so much for your service. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."

- Richard C.

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"On a Monday night with the car in the garage 1 spring popped the next day I made a couple of calls. When I called sos the rep said a tech would come at 2:30. I was impressed with the quality, knowledge and professionalism of the tech.

Also when I have made appointments in the past most of the time no one comes.

I would recommend sos to my friends."

- Charlie T.

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As a letter of acknowledgment for a job well done, I would like to commend your employee, Mr. Carlos Gonzales.

Mr. Gonzales not only sold me the garage door but also installed it (8.16.05) and did a yeoman's job with each task. He was extremely professional and courteous, arrived at each appointment on time and prepared, and left the work area clean and ready for operation.

Because of his efforts, I will keep your companies' name on file. When the need arises again with myself or with any of my numerous associates, you will on the top of my recommendation list. This not only goes for garage doors, but as Mr. Gonzales explained, this will also go for all types of home improvements."

- Joseph H.

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Looked at the doors today. Please thank your guys for doing a nice job. Balance is on its way. Let me know if you still do not have the first payment.


- Phillip.

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"Dear Sir:

I would like to thank you for the quick, efficient and same day service of my garage door.

I would recommend your company to all of my friends and family.


- Leonard C.

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"Great job, amazing service.
Thank you SOS"

- John D.

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Your man Victor was terrific. He really saved the day – he was professional, prompt + very nice. Thank you for a great job.


- M. Erin.

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"Dear Brian:

Again, I thank you for your service and for your warranties on the garage as well as the excellent work installing my garage.

I am enclosing a check for $100.00, which somehow escaped my attention until now.

Would you please be so kind as to forward the inserts for my garage.

You will be hearing from me soon with regard to the other projects that I have spoken to you about that will be coming up this year.

I thank you for your attention in this matter."

- Jon K.

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"Dear Mor,

It was a pleasure meeting with you last week at the showroom. I want to commend Brian for the upfront sales work and for his fine competitive proposal. His demeanor is totally professional - he gave me the facts I needed to make my decision.

However, special thanks go to Gabriel who installed my garage doors today. He is an extremely nice and hard-working employee - you should consider yourself lucky to have him on your team. He worked non-stop for many hours and the result is a very satisfied customer.


- Conrad G.

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"Yesterday I called for someone to check my garage door which was jammed and not functioning. You sent Erick (I don't know his last name) to give me an estimate for the repair. He was courteous, knowledgeable and within minutes had the parts on the way to my location. He repaired the problem quickly, tested everything and cleaned up.

I will be sure to recommend your company to my friends and neighbors based on the courteous and efficient service I received."

- Vincent S.

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"Hello Mrs. Boskey,

Following your request on 2005/12/23, we referred you to S.O.S. SECURITY SERVICES. We would like to have your impressions on your experience with this distributor.

A - Did the distributor contact your rapidly(within 72 hours)?
(yes / no)YES

B - Did you obtain satisfactory information about Garaga products?
(yes / no)YES

C - Did you purchase your Garage door from this distributor?
(yes / no)YES

D - What is the main reason why Garage door purchase was or was not made?

High insulation value, Good design options/Attractive doors. You're the only company I found who made a carriage house style door that was fully insulated. I wasn't going anywhere else :)
Plus, the distributor was VERY nice."

- France M.

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"Outstanding - rang within 10 seconds of submitting the request and arranged an appointment for the next day (I could have had same day if I had wanted). Very courteous and professional service man performed the repair quickly and efficiently explaining everything he did to me. I was very impressed."

- Service Magic Review #1.

"I set up appointments with three companies. Two of the estimates were close in price (one being SOS) and one was on the high side. The difference was SOS had a better insulated door and the date of installation was two days from the day I placed the order. The other company was unable to schedule installation any sooner than three weeks. The job was done and everything looks good."

- Service Magic Review #2.

"Did a great job and showed up as scheduled."

- Service Magic Review #3.

"Courteous and did the job in a reasonable amount of time."

- Service Magic Review #4.

"The workmanship was excellent! Installer worked quickly and professionally. Would recommend to others."

- Service Magic Review #5.

"The doors are not installed yet, but they came to our property and gave an estimate, and everyone in company was very professional and courteous to our needs."

- Service Magic Review #6.

"Showed up on time & did a good job"

- Service Magic Review #7.

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